About the basic accommodation charge

The accommodation charge differs depending on your request with accommodation and dinner type.

The accommodation charges covers accordingly by the number of guest.
Also in order to meet request of each guest, we separate accommodation and dinner charge.

The following accommodation charge is also available for guests who wish to stay without meals.

  • For 1 person/room

    7,000 yen per night

  • For 2-3 people/room

    6,000 yen each person per night

  • For over 4 people/room

    5,000 yen each person per night

  • For children

    3,000yen per 3 years and over

*For stay before weekend or holiday, additional charge starting from 2000 yen is incurred to your final check.
*There is a holiday charge on New Years, Golden week and Obon holiday. Please contact us for the further information.

We prepared the budget accommodation plan for you

Please use the following special plan for your next occasion