About us

Greetings from the owner


At the business area around Minami, there is Dotonbori that across the area from east to west. The canal is named after doton yasui who worked on the project of constructing it. This canal has been loved by many people for years as a landmark of osaka.
Hotel KURAMOTO is located at 5 minutes away from dotonbori.
I hope everyone may feel welcoming to stay with the hospitality upon the next visit at Hotel KURAMOTO.

The reason for choosing Hotel KURAMOTO


6 minutes walk from “Nipponbashi” metro station
18 minutes train ride from “Shin-Osaka” station from “Nipponbashi” station
45 minutes train ride from “Kansai International Airport” to “Nipponbashi” station
Great location accessible from anywhere in Osaka

To get to the hotel, it takes about 24 minutes as the shortest trip from “Shin-Osaka” the terminus of Shinkansen, and 51 minutes from Kansai International Airport.


Accessible to places in the Kansai region
Perfect for sightseeing base

There are many places to visit from historical shrines, Buddhist temples, castles to leisure facilities in the Kansai region such as Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and Wakayama. It takes less than an hour to the places; about 47 minutes to Kyoto from the closest station, 38 minutes to Nara and 51 minutes to Kobe.


Friendly budget price that can be customizable

Our accommodation plan is customizable that guests are charged upon their needs and requests. The price may differ according to the number of people to stay. Also unlike other ryokan-style hotel, we separate the accommodation charge and dinner service charge for those who wish not to have for any reasons.


All guest rooms are Japanese traditional style with relaxing atmosphere
Located in the quiet neighborhood

We wish you feel the relaxing moment in the warmth of japanese room with the aroma of igusa rush. The hotel is located in the quiet neighborhood that you can feel home in the center of the city and receive the quality services of the long-running hotel.


Relax and enjoy the large public bath

Although there will be bathroom available on each guest room, there are large public baths for all guests to enjoy. Please make your body recharged for the next day while seeing a Japanese garden by the bathtub.


History of KURAMOTO

March 1954
“Ryokan KURAMOTO” was founded by Hisaichi KURAMOTO, a grandfather of the current owner after he bought the land.
August 1975
Tsutomu KURAMOTO, father of the current owner became the second.
October 1983
The hotel was remodeled and enlarged and changed its name from Ryokan KURAMOTO to Hotel KURAMOTO in order to create additional hospitality.
July 1988
Hisaaki KURAMOTO, the current owner became the third of Hotel KURAMOTO.
April 2006
Hotel KURAMOTO started to accept inbound foreign tourists from all over the world especially from Europe and America.
Hotel KURAMOTO is beloved by both domestic and international customers up to the present time.